Anthony Donatelle

If You Can Tie A Hook, You Can Catch A Fish

If You Can Tie A Hook, You Can Catch A Fish is a participatory performance that takes place in the form of a short lesson about tying fishing knots. The class will instruct participants on how to tie three different knots. Additionally, information about where to find recreational fishing locations in New York City, and tips for finding low cost fishing equipment, will be distributed. One of the main goals of the project is in the passing of knowledge from individual to individual. In doing so, the participants will be encouraged to both learn the knots and help teach them to any other participants that are sitting closeby.


October 10 – 12

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Hudson River Greenway, New York, NY 10011, USA
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Time, Duration, & Other Cool Stuff You May Need To Know

Pier 63 at 23rd Street and the Hudson River. Friday, October 10 through Sunday, October 12 at 12:30pm.