Sasha Sumner & Nick Porcaro

Free Slurpee

Free Slurpee focuses on the recent installment of 7-Eleven chain stores and the demise of mom-and-pop shops in NYC. The video-installation piece draws attention to the loss of vibrant character that made NYC such an attractive cultural center in recent history. Images and text will be projected onto the storefront including humorous references, and word plays such as ‘Embargo 7-11,’ alluding to prescribed global economies and corporate-makeover-culture that we have no choice but to walk by everyday. The artists will be on hand to converse and reflect on places that had meaning for us in NYC neighborhoods.


October 9 – 10

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103 West 14th Street, New York, NY, United States
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Time, Duration, & Other Cool Stuff You May Need To Know

Thursday, October 9 at 8pm at the 7-Eleven at 103 West 14th Street (between Sixth and Seventh Avenues).

Friday, October 10 at 8pm at the 7-Eleven at 239 East 14th Street (between Second and Third Avenues).