The WORK Intern


Timebanks/14th is a four-day choreography performed by The Work Intern and select business partners. The Work Intern will work a variety of jobs over the course of the festival and in exchange for her labor, she will receive “monies” (a currency based on time) that she can exchange for produce in the present, a haircut in the winter, and debt payments to Sallie Mae over a lifetime. The performance represents a more sustainable option for acquiring our basic needs outside of the mainstream economic system.


October 9 – 12

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250 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011, USA
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Time, Duration, & Other Cool Stuff You May Need To Know

Select merchants of 14th Street, visit timebanks14th.org for updates.

Thursday, October 9th
9am-2:30pm: C and B Candy Grocery, 248 East 14th Street
12:30-4pm: Joe’s Tailor, 317 East 14th Street
4-8pm: Open Labor
Friday, October 10th
8am-12pm: Central Valley Farm at Union Square Greenmarket
12-4pm: Hair Design, 418 East 14th Street
4-8pm: Halal Cart at 14th Street and Ninth Avenue
Saturday, October 11th
8am-12pm: Open Labor
12-4pm: FREE U at Campos Plaza
4-8pm: Rags-a-Go-Go, 218 West 14th Street
Sunday, October 12th
8am-12pm: Donut Pub, 203 West 14th Street
12-5pm: AiOP Public Programs, 14th Street Park at Tenth Avenue