Public Programs



Friday, October 10, 6-9 pm featuring a selection of the artists’ projects

Pedro Albizu Campos Plaza
(Entrance on East 14th Street between Avenues B and C)


All public programs are FREE.

Saturday, October 11, 12-5 pm
Pedro Albizu Campos Plaza
East 14th Street between Avenues B and C

*Horizontal Art and Action*
Free University-NYC

The Free University welcomes workshops, teach-ins, dialogues, and performances by artists and community activists to learn and share power together as part of the Art in Odd Places Festival. In the wake of losing 5 Pointz, Brecht Forum, and the City College Morales/Shakur Center, and also seeing public art become the frontlines of gentrification, we need art and actions that envision creative social change while practicing it.

Themes: Art/mural skills-share. Tenants, workplace, & youth organizing. Radical art history 101. Street journalism. Visualizing solidarity (Ferguson, Gaza, climate justice). Creative direct action training. Walking tours. Horizontal community justice. Spoken word & theater. DIY pamphlet design. Guerrilla media/copwatch. Peaceful parenting.

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Sunday, October 12, 1-5 pm
14th Street Park
West 14th Street and Tenth Avenue

Discussions/Walking Endnote

1–2:30 pm
Join co-authors of The Social Life of Artistic Property in a discussion surrounding their new work. In twenty meetings over two and a half years, the core group of Pablo Helguera, Michael Mandiberg, William Powhida, Amy Whitaker, and Caroline Woolard birthed this provocative volume. The group produced three pieces of writing about experiments in group living and three proposals for the future of artistic property, including initiatives that re-imagine studio space, living space, and artwork.

2:45–4 pm
This un-moderated informal conversation brings together 25 artists from this years festival to discuss the theme FREE, focusing on issues such as privacy, memory and surveillance; debt, labor, and alternative economies; public space, development, and gentrification; and the changing shape of 14th Street itself. This roving program aims to create a dialogue around the respective ways that art and public space are conceived of, instrumentalized, and employed to reinforce a specific form of urbanism.

4–5:30 pm
AiOP: FREE Co-curators, Juliana Driever and Dylan Gauthier, will lead a walking curatorial tour and reflective discussion along 14th Street, from 14th Street Park to Campos Plaza.