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John Craig Freeman
14th & AR
Amanda Davis
14th in Fifteen Parts
Stephen Sewell
A New Song
Melissa Calderón
Hannah Hiaasen
Applause Pause
Clark Stoeckley
Chess Draw
Jessica Houston
Color Walks
Leah Harper
Stefanie Weber
Creatures of Habitat Physical Poetry Public Performance Project: Auto Mobile Body Works
Willard Morgan
Kara Schmidt
0H10M1KE & TJ
Drive-By Portraiture
Rory Golden
Duty Free Ranger
Jim Dessicino
Edward Snowden Statue
Eight Spaces of Empty Place
Marieke Warmelink & Domenique Himmelschbach de Vries
Embassy of Good Will, One Hour of Free Help
Kaloyan Ivanov & Raúl Hott
Failure's Island (Greenstreets)
Fixers Collective
Fixing Session
Johannes Rantapuska & Milja Havas
Flux Flags
Maayan Sheleff, Eran Hadas, Gal Eshel
Frankie, The Documentarian Robot
Jen Smith
Free Kisses for Allies
Joseph Bigley
Free Market Cannibalism
Jeff Stark
Free Office Space
Sasha Sumner & Nick Porcaro
Free Slurpee
Caitlin Ryan
Free T-Shirts
Clover Archer
Freedom on 14th Street: An Ordinary Magazine Scoop
Nicky Enright
Globo Exchange
Ienke Kastelein
Have A Seat on the Sidewalk (Walking with Chairs)
Anthony Donatelle
If You Can Tie A Hook, You Can Catch A Fish
Ben Retig & Marianna De Nadal
Incoming Call
Big Head Brigade
Individual Freedom: Free to be Me, Free to be You
Jenny Polak
Lengua, Libertad (Language, Liberation)
Concerned New Yorkers
Limited Edition
Sarah Burrell & Andrew Simpson (LudiCity)
Listening Posts
Maria Builes
Cupid Ojala
Love Prescriptions by Cupid
Matej Vakula
Manuals for Public Space
Emilio Vavarella & Daniel Belquer
Jesse Eric Schmidt
Nothing for Free
Maskull Lasserre & Central Park Tours Inc.
Laura Moore
one man's junk
Tré Chandler & Jabari Owens-Bailey
Oprah Wept; or Only O Forgives
Amanda Long
Phenakistoscope (Live Feed)
Samuel Jablon
Poet Sculpture
Jesse Seegers
Potlatch Pavilion
Kris Grey
Niki Singleton, Todd Lester, Thiago Carrapatoso
Quality of Life Enforcement
James Rojas
Re-Imagine 14th Street
Brooks Wenzel
Katya Grokhovsky
Slow Dance
Jen Reimer & Max Stein
Sounding the City
Jody Oberfelder
Street Greet
Kevin Townsend
Stria: Lost Time, Misplaced Moments
Mobile Print Power & Talk is Cheap
Talk is Cheap: Mobile Print Power and Bike-B-Q
Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama
The Grass is Always Greener...
Joel Ong & Robert Blatt
The Man Who Knew Too Much
The Illuminator
The Oracle is Present
Andrew McFarland & Emma Dessau
The Story Store
The WORK Intern
Felipe Cidade
We All Are One