Nothing for Free

The only thing left that is really free is to do nothing. In an attempt to discover the concept as something that is more than supposedly not paying, eteam will be free for one hour a day, doing nothing along 14th Street.


October 10 – 12

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20-22 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011, USA
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Time, Duration, & Other Cool Stuff You May Need To Know

The artists will be free on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 10-12 all day long. A petrified piece of wood on 14th street will benchmark them against something the promise to do not. Don’t put it on your calendar though. NYC is so crowded and expectant and they might be absent. Present in Nothing. Arizona. Coordinates: ?34°28′47″N?113°20′7″W. Elevation 3269ft.