Maayan Sheleff, Eran Hadas, Gal Eshel

Frankie, The Documentarian Robot

Frankie is an interactive installation: a robot that interviews people and documents them, attempting to learn what it means to be human. A curious, funny and persistent robot, Frankie has the cuteness of Wall-E and the edginess of Johnny 5. The project explores how free we really are in a world dominated by templates and algorithms, in which every second is documented and mediated. A sort of reverse Turing Test, It asks whether machines are becoming more human-like, or are humans becoming more machine-like. The one-on-one interviews are uploaded online, forming an archive of Frankie’s research.


October 9 – 12

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137 West 14th Street, New York, NY, United States
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Time, Duration, & Other Cool Stuff You May Need To Know

Frankie will conduct interviews on Thursday, October 9 from 5-9pm, Friday, October 10 from 1-5pm, Saturday, October 11 from 2-8pm, and Sunday, October 12 from 2-8pm. At Inter Space – Art Neuroscience Lab (137 West 14th Street).

The artists would like to thank Artport and Artis for their generous support, as well as Inter Space – Art Neuroscience Lab for hosting Frankie.